Today introducing:

ROSIN from Berlin currently living in Brighton



Q: You have been making music but not releasing anything for a long time now. What made this the right moment?

A: I always thought that I want to have my artist image and sound figured out before I release something. Last year I realised that that’s probably something I’ll do my whole life. Finding myself. My music has changed so much in the past few years but no one apart from my closest friends has seen my improvement. So I thought it’s time to just show people what I’m working on and the rest will come while doing it.
I also moved to a England in 2019. To be on my own and living in a different country without my friends and family has helped me being more confident and having trust in myself. As grew personally I feel ready to put music out there.


Q: A cook needs ingridients. A musician Sounds. How do you and your producer choose/find them?

A: The sounds should always enhance the emotion of a song. So it is just about what feeling the sound creates. Most of my songs are sad (lol) so I like soothing warm synths. As I’m a singer myself my favourite part about producing is always the vocal arrangement.


Q: Your first single is called ‚Sad Sometimes‘. What is the story behind the track?

A: I wrote the lyrics a while ago when I was just really confused about what I want to do in life and felt a bit lost. At the same time I didn’t understand why I was sad sometimes and felt like being sad or having „negative“ emotions was less accepted in our society. Being comfortable in groups or having small talk was just difficult for me at that time and I often felt like a stranger. Because I was insecure about myself I felt restricted in how I act in public. I didn’t want to stand out, so people would look at me. Nowadays I don’t really care about what strangers think of me. I guess it is part of getting to know yourself, to learn when and why you’re sad and to recognise the reason behind your emotions.


Questions: Felix Jung

Answers: ROSIN