Today introducing:

Stefan Leitner aka Leiti living in Berlin



Q: „Artists often talk about how to discover a style. Do we chase after it? Does it somehow find us? How do you figure out what it is, that’s different from everyone else?”

A: „Discovering your own style comes with time, a lot of practice and patience. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, always follow your own taste and then your style will come naturally to you.”


Q: „Are there any special places where you go in order to think of ideas?”⁣

A: „I get most of my ideas during the most random times like while taking a shower, smoking a cigarette or skateboarding. But when I really need some time to think and be by myself, I leave my phone at home, take my sketchbook and go out in nature or to a botanical garden in Berlin. I love total empty places where I can be sure that there is no person around me in a radius of at least one kilometer haha. Then I sit down, take a look at the view and write or sketch ideas.”


Q: „If there’s anything you could change in the world through your work, what would it be?”

A: „I’m actually pretty happy with the world we live in now. I think no generation has ever had more opportunities and chances, than we do now and we should use these wisely. We keep forgetting to live in the moment and always want to share everything with someone instead of experiencing things ourselves and get something out of it.”

„So If I can make a person happy or smile through my work and make them get lost in my art for a while, being in the moment, then I’ve done my job right.”


Questions: Moritz Obermann

Answers: Stefan Leitner