The Raid 2 Review

Review The Raid 2
Some Studies

Review The Raid 2 (2014):

Gareth Evans‘ Raid movies are strictly genre. If you don’t like uber-violent martial arts fights with jaw-dropping choreography these films are not for you. If those criteria fit your taste, it does not get better than the performances of Iko Uwais & co. The first movie of the series is great as well, but I like the second one even more because it masters the difficult tasks of a sequel. Taking everything that was great about the first part and one-upping all those aspects while innovating even more. The pretty generic story about an undercover cop trying to expose corruption within his force and to take down a crime syndicate is just a pretext for stringing together some of the most impressive fight scenes that you can see anywhere. More than once they will leave you thinking „How the hell did they do that? How did they film that?“

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