„One of my favourite songs ever is Face to Face by Daft Punk“

DJ Streaks
Artists from London

We are happy to introduce to you mister DJ Streaks, a phenomenon on the decks.

Where do your source your samples from and why do you make music in general?

When I was in year 5 (around 9 years old) my dad got an iPad for his work. It came installed with GarageBand and as soon as I stumbled upon it I became hooked on making music, although later I moved on to using Ableton. When I was 16 I got into the Lo-Fi House scene and started making music in that style as Dj Streaks, but I’ve been developing my own sound since then. I’m not a huge crate digger – most of the samples I use come from things I like and listen to casually. What’s important to me is flipping those samples in an original and interesting way, to make something completely new.

What is a song that is so good that it made you wish you made it yourself

One of my favourite songs ever is Face to Face by Daft Punk, co-produced by Todd Edwards. They are geniuses when it comes to sampling – the way they splice together millisecond-long samples from 8 different songs is mind blowing. I’d die happy if I could be half as good a producer as Todd is.

What kind of artists and genres have you drawn most inspiration from for your songs?

It really depends on the kind of sound I’m going for. A lot of the music I released in 2020 was very warm and summery, so I was inspired by 70s soul, psychedelic pop, and Japanese city pop. But more recently I’ve been moving in a groovier, more aggressive direction, so I’ve taken inspiration from punk/post-punk artists like Wire, ESG, and Liquid Liquid. I try not to listen to too much House music to get inspired – I’d rather combine outside genres with House music to make something new.

Which of your songs do you think didnt get the attention it deserves yet?

Any of the stuff I’ve made as part of my duo Trampfire. Harry is a genius songwriter and lyricist, and the stuff we make together is really exciting. At the risk of sounding extremely arrogant, I don’t think there’s anyone making music today who sounds like we do. As for solo stuff, one of the most interesting tracks I think I’ve ever made is my remix of ‘Done For’ by Indigo Jung. It’s in a 10/4 time signature (at least that’s the simplest way of describing it), features a microtonal key change, and I play guitar on it. Would defo encourage you to listen if you haven’t heard it!

I heard some of it and I really like your project. Last but not least.
What is your fav way to spend
a whole free weekend in the summer ?

I’m not hard to please. All I need is the boys, some good tunes, and a crate of beer. I spent last summer back home on the Wirral and there’s so much nature you can go and get lost in. Perfect place to spend a sunny day in my opinion.

Check out his music on the link below and see u next time 😉

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