Undone TV Series Review

some studies
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Undone (2019):

After barely surviving a car accident, Alma finds herself developing abilities to manipulate time and space. These new powers might help her to discover the truth about her father’s death. Upon this dimension-spanning murder mystery backdrop, Undone asks a quite an ambitious question. Are people with schizophrenia truly mentally ill? Or do they maybe possess a connection to a different realm of reality? While this frame admittedly might not be too innovative or could seem esoteric in a bad sense, the artwork it contains is captivating and deeply touching. It negotiates family and relationship dynamics, celebrates life’s beauty as well as its fragility, and explores an extensive range of emotion. So you see – a generously filled color palette – to stay in the painting metaphor for another second. The unusual half live-action half animated cel-shading style of Undone might take some time to get used to, it provides the producers with the possibility to construct amazingly creative and surreal scenes. In this context, it might be difficult to believe, but Alma is one of the most naturally – for lack of a better term – written and empathy-sparking characters I have seen in a long time. So do yourself a favor and watch this hidden gem that unfortunately got lost in the flood of countless original releases for a surplus of streaming services for most.

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